Zero To 25 000 Keywords

SEO | Financial Industry

One of the most competitive spaces on the Internet right now is the financial niche.

Our client’s site started off with not much traffic – starting out with a fairly clean slate.  

Throughout this case study, you’ll see how we drastically increased their total number of keywords ranking AND drove them estimated traffic value of over $350,000 per month!  



The owner wanted to compete with the industry’s biggest names. 

The site launched in July 2017 and grew traffic to about 13,000 visitors a month before letting us handle their SEO campaigns.  

In consultation with our client, we created a plan starting with a $3,000 / month budget, gradually increasing it to as much as $40,000 / month.  


The SEO Audit

As this site was relatively new, there have been no previous penalties.  

Our analysis revealed some aggressive anchor texts making up 7% of the profile, but we knew we had the budget to diversify.  


“Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis

Our analysis yielded 230 “Easy Wins” keywords ranked in positions 4-30 with volumes between 20-11,000 MS.

Since these keywords were already ranking near the top, we knew we could take advantage of them and get quick traffic jumps.  

Each of the keywords had a CPC, meaning that someone was bidding on them in Google Ads and they would be profitable to rank for. Some of the cheaper keywords had CPCs of up to $20 per click!  

As many of the pages rank for a variety of keywords, we took this all into account when selecting keyword & page targets.  

By providing this information to the client, they improved the rankings by adding LSI keywords to their pages.


Competitive Gap Analysis

We’ll use these findings to determine which keywords your competitors are ranking for and which you aren’t. These keywords will help us generate tons of content ideas!  

Over 1,000 different keywords were initially identified that were not being targeted by this site.  

Over the course of this campaign, we used different strategies to target 3 types of content:  


Category Pages

Broad, high-volume keywords are used to discuss a topic in general.  


Product Review Pages

We identified the most valuable brand and product terms we would be able to review during the content gap analysis and we used this to create a substantial amount of content that would generate revenue.  


Supporting Content

Later on in the campaign, after we created a variety of predominately attractive base content, we began producing supportive content for high-level keywords.

A broad category keyword may be supplied with contextually relevant content that links to a more specific article related to the desired highly competitive keyword, creating a basis for the rankings. These tend to be niche, avatar, or situational variations of hub pages.  


Kicking Off The SEO Campaign

Every time we run a campaign, we create a diversity of high-quality backlinks and content – The bread and butter of SEO.  

We shift the budget towards more powerful / higher-quality links as the campaign progresses.  

Below you will find several examples of how this site was promoted with white hat PR and a great deal of blog content.  

Below are some examples of how the campaign progressed through monthly spending:

A variety of products were included for this campaign, including diversity links, Guest Posts, and content.  

  • 2X Large Diversity Links
  • 1X Small Diversity Links
  • 2X DA20 Guest Posts
  • 3X DA30 Guest Posts
  • 2X DA40 Guest Posts
  • 7X Blog Content – 1000 Words


More content was added and we switched to higher quality links, for example:

  • 5X Large Diversity Links
  • 10X DA30 Guest Posts
  • 15X DA40 Guest Posts
  • 5X DA50 Guest Posts
  • 16 Blog Content – 1000 Words


In turn, we added even more budget to content and built even more high-quality links as we observed the success we resulted in content ranking for a broad range of targeted keywords.  

  • 4X Large Diversity Links
  • 10X DA40 Guest Posts
  • 20X DA30 Guest Posts
  • 1X DA50 Guest Posts
  • 40 Blog Content – 1000 Words



Great communication and well-defined strategy contributed to the effectiveness of this campaign.  

This site gained some of the top rankings for competitive keywords in less than a year.  

Based on the site’s current traffic, it is estimated that $351,000 is generated every month:

The traffic graph increased dramatically over the past year, ranking for more than 25,000 keywords:  


A successful campaign for us, but not just because of how we worked with the client, but also because of the work that was done.  

During the campaign, the client trusted the team to follow the process but also provided us with clear instructions on high target areas to concentrate on as the campaign progressed.  

We gave the client insight beyond just the search portion of the campaign by completing an additional analysis of competitors, as a result of the higher spend level.  

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