Zero To 25 000 Keywords

SEO | Financial Industry



The financial niche is currently one of the regions that features the highest levels of competition on the Internet.

The website of our customer began with a rather blank slate, as there was not a lot of traffic when it first went live.

Throughout the course of this case study, you will see how we significantly improved their overall position for a total number of keywords AND delivered them traffic with an estimated worth of over $350,000 per month!




The proprietor had the goal of competing with the most well-known brands in the sector.

The website went up in July 2017 and had around 13,000 visits per month before the owners entrusted us with the responsibility of managing their SEO operations.

In collaboration with our customer, we devised a strategy that calls for an initial budget of $3,000 per month, with the possibility of eventually expanding it to $40,000 per month.


The SEO Audit  


Due to the fact that this website was still very new, there have been no previous penalties.

The results of our investigation showed that certain aggressive anchor texts made up 7% of the profile; yet, we were aware that we had the financial resources to diversify.


“Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis


Following the completion of our research, we obtained 230 “Easy Wins” keyword combinations that were rated in positions 4-30 and had volumes ranging from 20,000 to 11,000 MS.

Because these keywords were ranked close to the top, we knew that we could take advantage of them and see immediate increases in our traffic if we did so.

Every one of the keywords had a CPC, which indicates that someone was placing a bid on them in Google Ads and that they would be lucrative to rank highly for. The cost-per-click for some of the less expensive keywords was as high as $20!

When deciding which keywords and sites to target, we took into account the fact that many of the pages score well for a wide variety of keywords.

They enhanced their ranks by adding LSI keywords to their sites and then presenting this information to the customer.


Competitive Gap Analysis 


These data will be used to assess which keywords your rivals are ranking for and which ones you aren’t ranking for yourself. These keywords are going to be a huge help in generating plenty of ideas for articles!

At first, it was determined that this website was not optimising itself for over a thousand distinct keywords, which were then compiled into a list.

Over the course of this campaign, we used different strategies to target 3 types of content:  


Category Pages

Broad, high-volume keywords are used to discuss a topic in general.  


Product Review Pages

We identified the most valuable brand and product terms we would be able to review during the content gap analysis and we used this to create a substantial amount of content that would generate revenue.  


Supporting Content


Later on in the campaign, when we had produced a range of material that was predominantly appealing as the campaign’s basis, we started developing content that was supporting for high-level keywords.

Developing a foundation for the rankings requires providing a wide category keyword with content that is contextually relevant and connects to an article that is more precise and is connected to the highly competitive keyword that is targeted. These tend to be variants on hub pages that are specific to a topic, avatar, or scenario.


Kicking Off The SEO Campaign

Every time we conduct a campaign, we produce a wide variety of backlinks and material of a high quality; they are the staples of Search Engine Optimization.

As the campaign goes on, we reallocate more of our funding to links that are of a higher quality and greater strength.

You will discover various examples of how this website was marketed using ethical public relations tactics and a significant amount of content published on blogs below.

  Below are some examples of how the campaign progressed through monthly spending:

A variety of products were included for this campaign, including diversity links, Guest Posts, and content.  

  • 2X Large Diversity Links
  • 1X Small Diversity Links
  • 2X DA20 Guest Posts
  • 3X DA30 Guest Posts
  • 2X DA40 Guest Posts
  • 7X Blog Content – 1000 Words


More content was added and we switched to higher quality links, for example:

  • 5X Large Diversity Links
  • 10X DA30 Guest Posts
  • 15X DA40 Guest Posts
  • 5X DA50 Guest Posts
  • 16 Blog Content – 1000 Words


In turn, we added even more budget to content and built even more high-quality links as we observed the success we resulted in content ranking for a broad range of targeted keywords.  

  • 4X Large Diversity Links
  • 10X DA40 Guest Posts
  • 20X DA30 Guest Posts
  • 1X DA50 Guest Posts
  • 40 Blog Content – 1000 Words



The success of this campaign may be attributed, in part, to the excellent communication and well defined approach that was used.

Within a year and a half, this website rose to the top of the results for several very competitive keywords.


Based on the site’s current traffic, it is estimated that $351,000 is generated every month:

The traffic graph increased dramatically over the past year, ranking for more than 25,000 keywords:  



A successful campaign for us, but not simply as a result of how well we collaborated with the customer; rather, it was successful as a direct result of the hard effort that was put in.

During the course of the campaign, the client had full faith in the team’s ability to stick to the procedure, but they also gave us specific directions on which high-priority areas we should be focusing on as the campaign went on.

As a direct result of the increased spend level, we were able to provide the client with insights that went beyond the search component of the campaign alone by conducting an extra study of their competition.

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