Tourism Company Now Ranking #1

SEO | Travel and Tourism Industry

We have worked with a travel and tourism site to boost its rankings and pushed them all the way to page 1 in Google with our Managed SEO Services Package.

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This is a site that focuses on guided tours in the travel niche.

We were actually working with the client’s in-house content team; therefore, we solely focused on link building.

Since March 2017 they have purchased several of our Guest Post packages from us and have seen great growth, then opted to take advantage of our Managed SEO packages in May 2018.

The estimated traffic has gone from 1,700 per month to 10,000+ per month since they started buying packages from us.  

These are the steps we took:


The SEO Audit

As a part of our managed SEO service, we always do an audit of the site to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

Things such as backlinks, anchor text, traffic, and more are taken into consideration.

The site had no penalties, and it was beginning well due to its in-house content team and consistency.

In addition to link building, they were already doing 5-15 DA30+ Guest Post links per month as part of a la carte link building before joining the Managed SEO package.

We noticed that almost exclusively exact match anchors were being used, so to make sure this site was protected, we wanted to ensure we were using a variety of anchors in our campaign. This can be problematic if you over-optimize your anchor text so we took notice.


Keyword Research – “Easy Wins”

With keywords that rank in positions 4-30, we are looking for “quick wins.” This is why our initial analysis found 926 keywords that rank at high positions.

Many of the client’s pages had tremendous ranking potential. We worked with the client to choose high-volume keywords and used this to identify LSI keywords we could use as anchor text.


Keyword Research – Competitive Gap Analysis

We perform a competitive gap analysis, which locates keywords your competitors are currently ranking for that you aren’t. These keywords are often referred to as your hidden goldmines.

Our research revealed that they weren’t targeting 92 keywords whereas their competitors were.

We usually use this as a guiding principle for creating content, but since they already had their own content creation team, we gave this information to them so they could come up with great content.  


The SEO Campaign & Execution

As I previously mentioned, they already had a solid foundation because they were already purchasing high-quality links.  

Here is an example monthly campaign:

  • 2x Large Diversity Links
  • 6x DA10 Guest Posts
  • 6x DA20 Guest Posts
  • 2x DA30 Guest Posts
  • 2x DA40 Guest Posts

The anchor texts used for the LSI anchors are natural, benign, and “easy wins” in nature to aim for a nice diversity.  


SEO Ranking Results

This campaign has seen great success from the outset, seeing steady month-over-month increases.

A new analysis has shown that this site has an estimated traffic value of $26,000 per month and ranks in top positions for competitive keywords.

We see the best results when adding content and links consistently over time. In this case, the client had a capable content team, so our focus was on link building that was high-quality.

The Managed SEO package has the advantage of being flexible and customizable, depending on your individual circumstances.