Huge ROI On Foreign Language Local SEO

Foreign Language SEO | ROI on SEO

In this case study, SEO is a perfect example of just how profitable it can be when compared to other forms of advertising.

The ROI generated by a great SEO strategy is insane, and that’s what we’re going to examine in this case study.

Let’s get down to business!



The company has been suffering from massively underperforming SEO for a French Canadian company. 

SEO Audit

Starting with an SEO audit, we can find out what’s happening with your site.

It didn’t receive much traffic since it had no penalties.

Their money keywords were slightly over-optimized, with one exact match at 28% and another at 25%.

Though there was no real issue, as they didn’t have many links, it was still worth considering.


Keyword Research

Easy Wins – Find “Hidden Goldmines”

With keyword research, we always attempt to identify quick wins that are ranking well, but that aren’t at the top. When targeting these keywords, we can usually increase traffic quickly!

There were fewer easy wins on this site, but it’s still OK because it’s local. Traffic is slower than some other niches, but it’ll convert higher due to the higher intent it offers.

We found 43 keywords with a CPC between $.20 cents – $5 per click and traffic ranging between 20 and 1000 searches per month. We decided to start with high-priority keywords within the $5 – $10 per click range.  

Competitive Gap

Our research identified 31 keywords their competition was targeting. These were between 20–1,600 ms in length and had CPCs ranging from .10–$3.They targeted local areas with some of these keywords, some of these were popular appliance brand names they worked with, and some of these were great service keywords they had not been optimizing.

All of these were shown to them!

The SEO Campaign

The company did start doing SEO on its own before switching to our managed SEO program, so it was a bit different from our other case studies.

In March 2016, they received their first order, followed soon after by a nice bump.

For some reason, the order wasn’t placed until August 2016:

Starting in January 2017, they ramped up orders with a mix of Large Diversity Links and Press Release services, among others:  

We went at it with a more strategic approach when they hopped on our managed SEO program in mid-2017: 

Because we have limited options and this is an international AND foreign language, here’s what the strategy looked like:

Months 1-3 all the same

Diverse Links

Since we have control, we are able to do Natural, Branded, and Exact Match.


As for the results?

What’s even cooler is that they have spent in total, all-time with us $5,300.99.

However, Ahrefs is reporting a traffic value of $8k PER MONTH.

$8,000 per month = $96k per year they would have to spend on PPC!!



Takeaway: Consistently doing things is important.

On the charts above, you can see that their SEO dropped off after they stopped acting, and then quickly ramped back up after they got more consistent.

You can attain results consistently by utilizing our SEO strategy.No matter what type of business you are, we probably have a solution for you.

Furthermore, it’s important not to focus on tons of traffic, but rather the RIGHT TARGETED traffic.