E-Commerce Site 10 x Increase In Traffic

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This case study provides details about a client of ours in the E-commerce space that achieved great results in only a few months of working with us.

We were managing SEO for this client.

These case studies provide you with useful information.

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The site was barely generating traffic even though it was registered in late 2013. The owner had spent a considerable amount of time building out this site, but it still was not generating much traffic.  

SEO Audit

Before we do anything, we always conduct a thorough audit to make sure there are no major issues underpinning the website.

There were no penalties, just the site never ranked on page one for those keywords. It did not have too many links, neither did it have too much optimization.


Keyword Research

Whenever we do keyword research, we try to determine what type of power the site might possess and how we can make the most of it to increase traffic quickly.

These numbers show that they rank in the top 100 positions for a lot of keywords, so they have a good chance of ranking in the top 100.

Easy Wins Analysis

When we analyze easy wins, we look for keywords that are not ranking very well, and therefore not in the top spots where most of the traffic is. By identifying these words, we can push them up quickly and achieve rapid traffic gains.

We identified about 1,000 easy wins for this site, ranking mostly on pages 2-3 with traffic ranging between 10 – 9,400ms, with a CPC ranging between about .50 cents – $6.

The site had a huge amount of potential, but since it didn’t crack page one, it was not getting much love.  


Content Gap Analysis

By analyzing competitor keywords not yet targeted by the site, we find topics to create content around.

With similar PPC costs to the easy wins, we found 103 keywords volume between 150 – 2900 ms for this site.

We worked with clients to choose their top priorities, while also choosing some keywords based on their knowledge of industry trends.


SEO Strategy & Execution

Here’s what our campaigns looked like:

Month 1:

  • 1 Guest Post – Exact match on easy wins
  • 1 Guest Post – Exact match (another kw) on another easy win
  • Medium Diversity Links – partial match, brand, naked anchors
  • Blog Content 1 x 1000 word post – informational kw focus based on industry trends

Month 2 – Very Similar:

  • 1 Guest Post – money keyword variation
  • 1 Guest Post – money keyword variation
  • Medium Diversity Links – partial match, branded, naked anchors
  • Blog Content 1 x 1000 word post – money keyword

Month 3 – Similar, But got more anchor text diversity:

  • 1 Guest Post – Branded
  • 1 Guest Post – Branded
  • Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, Partial match mix
  • Blog Content 1 x 1000 – Content gap kw, high volume


SEO Results

We focused on page 1 easy wins since this site already had a good deal of content and so many chances for easy wins. After we did this, there was an explosion in traffic:


The site only took three months to build and it has a ton more potential.

The content on this site has been optimized to dominate its niche, and we will be linking to high-volume keywords in the next 3 months.

Our Managed SEO program might be a good match if you need help with your site (even if you had a penalty or decreased traffic).