752 Leads in 90 Days

Digital Marketing | Automotive Industry

 The following is how we transformed a Google Ads campaign that was failing into a resounding victory.

We were able to generate 752 leads for them over the first 90 days of their campaign!

Here’s how we accomplished it:



We needed to increase the number of fresh leads we had, and we wanted to make sure that our sales personnel followed up with prospects who were looking through our inventory.

Before the firm began utilising our PPC management solution, they had already invested more than $70,000 in sponsored advertisements over the course of a little more than 6 years.

Our customer informed us that they had previously worked with other firms that cost them tens of thousands of dollars but achieved little to advance their company’s goals.



How did we devise a plan to reverse the course of the campaign?

Let’s have a more in-depth look, shall we?


Uncovering A Big Tracking Issue


If you want to determine whether or not a campaign is successful, the tracking of that effort needs to be precise.

When we performed the audit on this account, the first thing that we saw was that the tracking hadn’t been properly set up.

Because the tracking software that we were using displayed tens of thousands of leads, we thought that this was highly strange.

When we began looking into it, we discovered that a lead was counted each time someone accessed their home page on their website. This page was considered a general page and not a confirmation page or a thank you page.



As a result, thousands of advertising that did not actually result in leads were recorded.

We began over with brand new conversion tracking and removed any and all activities that were not important to the conversion process.

Therefore, we are aware that we have the lead’s information since we included a purpose on the thank you page that they saw after filling out the form.


Starting Fresh With New Search Campaigns


 When conducting research for a campaign, one of the steps that we take is to consult with the client in order to learn what aspects of their company are most important to them and which demographics they wish to reach.

As soon as we have settled on a topic, we do a competitive study to establish the approaches our rivals are taking, the offers that they are making, and other relevant information.

In this particular scenario, our client aimed to reach members of the general public who were interested in purchasing used automobiles.

Due to the skewed nature of the data from the prior campaign, we started with two fresh campaigns.

The advertisement of “Used Cars” was given both a branded and a thematic promotion in the process of its creation.

The ad language that we prepared for the advertisements was developed to have a high rate of conversion and was combined with ad groups that were kept to a minimum. When we conduct a campaign, we always employ message match to ensure that we have the greatest click-through rates possible.

After that, we used location targeting to restrict who was able to view the advertisements to only the immediate geographic region.


Setting Up High Converting Landing Pages


 The account that was utilised to direct traffic to the homepage of the organisation.

Due to the fact that homepages are often not developed with conversion in mind, the majority of the time they are not suited for use in lead generation efforts.

We prefer to concentrate on landing pages that are optimised for conversions rather than driving traffic to landing pages that are not relevant.

This is where a landing page that sells used vehicles was designed by our team. Because we observed that the other merchants would drive visitors to the pages that displayed their goods, we decided to come up with an offer that would compete with the one they used.

By giving their contact information on this landing page, the lead is given the opportunity to “see” the inventory that is available.

In this way, the client’s sales staff will be able to gather the information in advance and continue to follow up.

The Results


 After ensuring that the tracking was set up correctly, developing fresh campaigns, rewriting the advertisement wording, and developing bespoke landing pages, we switched on the traffic…

It was a flood of leads!

In point of fact, we were successful in generating over 700 leads in a period of 90 days!



Form Fills: 528
Phone Calls: 224
Total Leads: 752


 There have been over 1,053 visitors to the site, in addition to the 1,033 visits and the 84 activities conducted in response to the directives.

We are actively working on improving the effectiveness of this ongoing campaign, in addition to making plans to expand into further categories of vehicles (used pickups, used SUVs, etc.).



 We were able to turn around the performance of this campaign for the car dealer by using a different strategy, as was necessary.

Check out our PPC management programme if you need assistance in reversing the course of your campaign, obtaining a greater number of leads, or raising the return on investment of your advertisements.