752 Leads in 90 Days

Digital Marketing | Automotive Industry

Here’s how we turned a failing Google Ads campaign into an enormous success. 

During the first 90 days of their campaign, we managed to generate 752 leads!  

Here’s how we did it:


We wanted to generate new leads and have our sales staff follow up with prospects who were browsing our inventory.

The company had spent over $70,000 in paid ads in a little over 6 years before they started using our PPC management service.

Our client told us that previous agencies lost them tens of thousands of dollars but did little to move the needle for their business.  

What was our strategy to turn the campaign around?

Let’s take a closer look!  


Uncovering A Big Tracking Issue

Tracking a campaign must be accurate if you want to know if it is working.  

Our first problem was that the tracking wasn’t properly set up when we audited this account.  

Our tracking software was showing tens of thousands of leads, so that seemed very odd to us.

When we started looking into it, we realized that a lead was counted each time someone hit their home page on their site – a general page, not a thank you page or confirmation page.  

Thus, thousands of advertisements were reported that were not true leads!  

We started from scratch with new conversion tracking and wiped out any irrelevant conversion actions.  

So now we know we acquired the lead’s information by placing a purpose on the thank you page after they filled out the form.  


Starting Fresh With New Search Campaigns

The campaign research process we employ involves working with the client to determine what is the driving force behind their business and who they want to target.  

As soon as we have decided on a theme, we do a competitive analysis to determine which angles are being employed by competitors, the offer, and so on.  

A general audience that was looking for used vehicles was targeted in this case for our client.

We started with two new campaigns since the previous campaign’s data was skewed.

A themed campaign was created to promote “Used Cars” and another was a branded campaign.

The ad copy we wrote for the ads was crafted to be high-converting and coupled with tight ad groups. Whenever we run a campaign, we use message match, ensuring we are getting the highest CTRs!  

Then we limited who was seeing the ads to only the local area by using location targeting. 


Setting Up High Converting Landing Pages

The account used to drive traffic to the company’s home page.

In most cases, homepages are not optimized for lead generation campaigns, since they are typically not designed for conversions.  

Rather than push traffic to irrelevant landing pages, we prefer to focus on landing pages optimized for conversion.  

Here, we developed a landing page that offered used cars. We noticed that the other sellers would direct traffic to their inventory pages which resulted in us developing an offer to compete with them.

This landing page offers the lead the chance to “view” inventory by providing their contact information.

So, the sales team of the client can collect the information in advance and follow up.

The Results

Having set up proper tracking, created new campaigns, writing new ad copy, and created custom landing pages, we turned on the traffic…

It was a flood of leads!  

In fact, we were able to generate over 700 leads in 90 days!  


Form Fills: 528
Phone Calls: 224
Total Leads: 752


In addition to those 1,033 visits and 84 actions taken for directions, there have been over 1,053 site visits.  

We are currently optimizing this existing campaign and also planning expansions into other vehicle types (used pickups, used SUVs, etc.).  


A failing campaign can be turned around with the right approach, just as we did for this auto dealer.  

If you need help turning your campaign around, getting more leads, or increasing the return on investment of your ads, check out our PPC management program!