5 Times The Website Traffic

Organic Web Traffic | SAAS Industry

We’ll show you how we skyrocketed a SAAS site through the ranks of Google in this case study.  

The estimated organic traffic on this site alone now exceeds $10,000 a month!


This company offers software as a service (SAAS) through large contracts.

Despite the fact that most of the keywords they aim to target have a small search volume, they are still valuable keywords.

Some of the PPC costs were up to $130 per click! This site had good content, rankings on the first page, but this industry is so lucrative that just getting a few more clients would change the bottom line by more than $100k a year for the client!  

We helped them get the traffic after they realized their potential, but they had not seen the results yet.  

The SEO Audit

Before taking on any project with our managed SEO service, we conduct an audit of the site. Traffic, ranked keywords, links, anchor text, and more are taken into consideration. Although the site had some prior traffic, it was not increasing.

There was no over-optimization, and overall they just didn’t have enough link juice!

It was also important to continue creating consistent content while increasing their link equity.  

Keyword Research

Finding Quick Wins

A very niche software, this software is not a large volume keyword, but as we mentioned earlier, these keywords can be very lucrative. There were 114 terms that had a volume of between 10-40 per month, with an average CPC of $20.

Most of these terms were on pages 2-3. We knew from the start that we wouldn’t see stunning traffic graphs for easy wins, but we could certainly make them lots of money if we could rank them for these.

Looking At Competitors

We can utilize competitive gap analysis to identify the keywords your competitor is currently ranking for that you are not.

It helps to develop new content incorporating these keywords in order to differentiate oneself from the pack.

301 search terms were found ranging between 300 – 10,000 searches a month for CPC, all of them containing a lot of goodies.

SEO Strategy

The strategy for the fully managed SEO service was pretty sound and did not have too many variations.

Our efforts were as follows:

Month 1

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with easy win keywords
  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with other easy win keywords
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – naked, brand, and partial match
  • 1 Blog Content x 1000 words – Focused on keywords in the content gap

Month 2 – Same thing without repeating keywords

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with easy wins
  • 1 Guest Post – exact match product page 2 from easy wins
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, partial match
  • 1 Blog Content x 1000 words – keyword from content gap

Month 3 – Same thing without repeating keywords

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match
  • 1 Guest Post – partial match product page 2
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, partial match
  • 1 Blog Content x 1000 words – keyword from content gap


SEO Results

The links have not even taken effect yet, even though they have been in place for only two months…

However, look at how these keyword rankings are soaring!

And the $$$:


Build high-quality, diverse links if you don’t have rankings, and then you can start realizing traffic.

Keep in mind that content + authority links are what counts.

After four months, things start to get really exciting. We see that we have a lot more to target, and we can push more people on page 1!  


You can get some pretty impressive results by following a strategic plan in a short period of time, as you can see in the picture.

We achieved these results thanks to our fully managed program of SEO.

You should expect results after 3 months of consistent SEO activities.